Amateur Tour

Allows the visitor to experience all the Cave’s colors, dimensions, and unique beauty in complete safety; helmets will be given and sure-footed shoes are suggested. Sandals are not recommended.


Tours begin at the mouth of the cave. The Tourist Tour is about 1200 meters long [3/4 mile ], while the Advanced Tour is 3000 meters [13⁄4 miles].

Among the sights in the Advanced Tour are: the Prince of Piemonte cave; the Pink Waterfall; the Sound Curtains; the Temple; the Great Landslide; the Jump; and the Branch of Horror. This tour ends on the lake, where the Professional Tour begins.


Both the Tourist and the Advanced Tours allow visitors a complete immersion into an underground environment, a uniquely pure and spectacular world of untouched natural beautyh.

Grotte di Castelcivita

This visit ends on a perennial lake which prevents a comfortable continuation of the cave.
At this point … we have to go back.

The amateur speleological route to the Castelcivita caves allows the visitor to immerse himself completely in the environment of the cave, a particular and uncontaminated world that could not be viewed in any other way.


  • A reservation is required for groups of 8 or more. Group visits may occur on any day.
  • Children older than 10 years of age are welcome with their parent or adult guardian.
  • Ticket price includes rental of a helmet with a light, even though the caves have internal lighting.
  • Recommended clothing: sure-footed shoes; sweater, jacket, or sweatshirt, as cave temperature can be 18°C [65 degrees F]. For full enjoyment of the cave experience, allow yourself 4 hours.
Grotte di Castelcivita
Grotte di Castelcivita


Lunch available at the restaurant