Castelcivita is a laughing town with around 2200 inhabitants, it is situated to the southern slopes of the Alburnums and introduces him situated on a natural spur, with houses to fall, to 587 ms on the level of the sea. Castelcivita is a recent name: in fact, as many countries of Campania built on the tall one of some mountain and then destroyed, you/he/she has suffered various denominations. The country is suitable in the documents Angioini with the name of Civita Pantuliano while in Aragonese age, with the name of Castelluccio, probably to point out, already from the XIII century, a small city castellata. You thinks that the total enclosure of Castelcivita both work of Pandolfo Fasanella, big vassal, which did her/it build for order of Charles I Of Angiò.

The historical center introduces the ancient structure of fortitudes being characterized from streets and lanes that intersect him between them and from innumerable stairs interrupted every now and then by some spiazzos following the course toponomastico of the Foto Castelcivita territory. Interesting they are the portals architravati in stone calcareous place and piperno on which they is able he/she anchors to admire the coats of arms of noble families and attractive geometric games. To few kilometers from the inhabited center there is the bridge they Crush or Spartaco whose characteristic is the foundation to point of diamond, this destroyed during the II world war, has subsequently been reconstructed.

The population is primarily devoted to the agriculture and the pastorizia, in fact he produces oil, wine, wheat, cereals and cheeses. Genuine products as the sausages, the capicollos, the hams and the cheeses are produced of high quality by the unique taste. Characteristic of the local gastronomy I am the base dishes of porky mushrooms.

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